Five Motorcycle Travel Instagram accounts you should follow

Truth be told, there’s no cure for the itch: if you are one of those people who endlessly ache to travel - whether that be to escape life, or for life not to escape you - just remember: jobs are temporary, your family will still be there for you when you return, and true travellers will always find a way to obtain the necessary funds.

As you’re still breathing - at least we hope so - and the ‘fuel’ is already there, the only thing you really need to get on your way is a spark to ignite your plan.

In order to do so, we’ve selected five Instagram accounts you should have a look at. We’ll bet you, you’ll be packing by tonight.  




Itchy Boots // Noraly

ItchyBootsTravel is the tongue-in-cheek brainchild of Noraly, a thirty-something Dutch female solo-traveler, currently circumventing the globe on her Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Not her first trip, by any means: when she was 23, after finishing her studies in geochemistry, she already left the Netherlands for for Australia - originally not for travelling purposes, but to collect samples for a planned PhD research.

But she fell in love with life abroad, stayed Down Under to earn the necessary pennies and backpacked solo around the world for two years. The seed for a solo-motorcycle trip was planted.

After she’d run out of money, she eventually returned to Holland, but only to work for an international company - again offering her the chance to travel from the Bahamas and Brazil, all the way to Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Morocco and many places in between.

All things added up, it didn’t quite feel like real travelling and the itch returned. Not a harsh decision for this experienced traveller: she quit her job, sold her stuff and hit the road again. Atta girl!

In the meanwhile she got hooked on motorcycle riding, so the backpack got strapped on the rear of her brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan.

So far, a trip from India towards Malaysia put 11.000 kilometers on the odometer, but she’s planning another 30.000 kilometers through epic, stunning, difficult and remote places, through countries not so many people visit! Currently, she’s travelling Oman.

Follow Itchy Boots adventures on Instagram.

Dream Catchers' Journey

If the latter seems like a rather audacious plan, imagine travelling as a couple - which is exactly what Marta and Lukas are doing as we speak.

The former IT’ers left Poland at the beginning of June 2018, and have been travelling together ever since. By the beginning of September, they had already covered 13.000 km in 14 countries.

But they’ve not nearly reached their goal yet: they want to reach New-Zealand by September 2019. According to their website, there’s no real reason for that destination: the idea just popped up and they went for it.

After all, if you want to travel the world, it doesn’t really matter which way you go first, right?

Lukas isn’t a rookie by any means: he started riding in 2007 and has ever since left on a trip from Poland to Brazil, riding a Yamaha XT 660Z Ténéré.

Although Marta didn’t like to see her boyfriend leave for six months while being stuck in Poland to study, the trip did plant the seed which led to their world travelling plans: she went to see Lukas when he arrived in Brazil, and rode along as a pillion, and realized two things.

Firstly, she saw how wonderful it is to explore the world from the motorcycle seat, and secondly, she wanted to see the same things from her own motorcycle seat.

Not one of the faint of heart, she wanted to ride her own motorcycle and fight her own battles with muscle pain, fatigue and herself.

While Marta’s picked a fairly light Honda CRF 250 L for both asphalted and gravel roads, her more experienced hubby went for German engineering: a BMW F 800 GS Adventure. They’ve currently made it to Sumatra, Indonesia, and are still going strong!

Follow Dream Catchers' Journey on Instagram.



It’s safe to say Paul was destined to travel motorcycles around the globe. Please allow us to explain: in the early nineties, he was doing a lot of contract work, which gave him a lot of free time, so he started building one-off custom motorcycles. Initially for himself, but word got out and before he realized it, the custom bike business took off like a rocket.

Within a few years, he was building around a hundred one-off custom bikes a year. Boom!

But disaster struck a mere fifteen years later: Paul was hit from behind while riding his motorcycle, which shattered his right leg and ankle were horrifically.

After the accident, things went from bad to worse: the rehabilitation took around a year, his business was sold to a mala fide buyer and had to close, his father died of cancer, his marriage stranded and all things combined caused a stress-related stroke at the age of just 42, which rendered Paul blind.

Luckily, the latter was temporary, and he eventually regained eyesight completely - which gave Paul a new lease on life.

When a friend told him he needed to go on a long motorcycle ride to clear his head, she couldn’t have had an idea of what impact that statement would have.

As Paul didn’t have a short over-the-weekend ride in mind: a few weeks later he left, it was March 18th, 2011. But Paul’s still going: he’s currently crossing Peru on his beloved Suzuki DR650. What a guy!

Follow RTWPaul's adventures on Instagram.


Tim Burke

Currently on a small break in Seattle - well deserved after a trip of no less than 112.500 kilometers on his motorcycle - is American motorcycle adventurer Tim Burke.

Having grown up around motorcycles and dirt bikes of all kinds, Burke was predestined to one day start exploring the far corners of the world on his motorcycle.

In April 2017 he finally decided to go all in: he quit his full time job as at the airport in Seattle and shipped his motorcycle to London to begin a 6 month long motorcycle exploration of Europe.

What started off as your average midlife crisis motorcycle adventure, very quickly turned into a photography focused trip.

As it turned out, Burke had quite a hidden talent to capture the amazing scenery he encountered while crossing Europe on his motorcycle - there’s some really brilliant stuff to be found on his Instagram, as well.

Which did not remain unnoticed: his shots have been featured in different motorcycle and travel magazines, as well as social feeds.

And rightfully so - one look at them will have you wonder why you’re not packing your bike yet.

Apart from the amazing photography, Burke offers his followers some handy tips on travelling with photography equipment on your bike.

Follow Tim Burke's adventure on Instagram.


Notiers Frontiers

Less predestined, but so much the more motivated: Tim and Marisa from NotiersFrontiers.

Their plan was simple: they decided to quit their jobs, sell their cars, televisions and furniture, and pack up only the very basics for survival onto a motorcycle to see how far they could go on the budget they’d gathered by selling all of their belongings.

They’ve partitioned their plan to conquer the world into three parts for an equal amount of years: one year in The Americas, one year for Africa and Europe, and - if there is any money left - Asia and more, understandibly followed by a proverbial question mark.

“I would say that pretty much everyone thought we had lost our minds. Though some said they were envious and wished they could do the same, others shook their heads at us, believing we were making a huge mistake.

And maybe we were”, they tell in their bio.

But look at them now: they’ve devoured all of North America, they’ve collected stamps of every Central American country in their passports, and made their way via Colombia, Ecuador and Peru towards the southernmost point of Chile: Ushuaia.

But from thereon things seem to go - eh - south for them: after 80.000 kilometers, their beloved KTM 1190 Adventure seems to have known better days and is up for some major surgery.

To be continued on their Insta-feed!

Follow Notiers Frontiers' adventure on Instagram.

We also published a story about Notier Frontiers a few weeks back. If you missed the story, you can catch on our blog: Notier's Frontiers: With nothing but time.



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